Monday, October 26, 2009

Some information help required!

Hi readers of my blog,
Would like some help from you guys who are running your own business. Dont worry, I'm not asking money from you guys. I am at crossroads now in my career and have decided to make a career in publishing manga in my country.

Why did i take that decision?
Well the main reasons are manga is not available in my country normally like it is available in Japan or USA or UK or other countries where anime has a huge fan base.
I dont know the reason for this, but I know that there is a huge fan base of anime watchers and manga lovers in my country by visiting forums. And the major gripe among these forums is we do not get any anime related products here and have to pay a premium while importing them, since they get taxed at customs, etc.

Acquiring the license to publish the manga in my country would enable me to reduce costs of the manga and subsequently get a good reader base. By making available manga in bookstores and selling them online on other online shopping sites i could make the demand for anime goods increase here.

What help i require from you guys?
Well I'm new to publishing manga. First and foremost i dont know Japanese and have no way to contact any japanese publishing house to get the facts on how to acquire a license from them for my country. Also i have a lot more questions on whether i will have to translate the manga from japanese to english and such.

I dont know how many of you are in the publishing industry, so i had to take this step of writing this on my blog. If possible, if you know someone with experience in the manga industry in the US who could help me could you let me know?
Ah by the way, i'm in India, if you were thinking which country i'm from.


  1. Ah so you are from India after all :)

    Manga being published in India? Wow, I'd do a triple somersault in the air when that day comes. Good luck with your venture.

  2. This is old, but any success?
    Have you thought about stuff like hindi translations, original indian manga (there are many budding artists)?