Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Scenario Series!

Made this blog so that I could continue with posting "The Scenario" series for members of! I have a feeling (hope its not true) that members of DannyChoo will not be able to post any more stuff there except on FigureFM which was originally for figure related stuff only and posting anime news or anything else on it such as stuff like this would be quite odd.

Site is marked as adult since there will be echi 2d stuff posted here without any warnings. Will try to hide the echi part with some script hopefully.

The Scenario series will start off from when member posting got stopped on dc.
The previous scenarios might be lost or may be available through google's cache.
Since there are more than a hundred of them I will not take the trouble to find them out and post here [ofcourse, since i'm the king of laziness ;)] and also since trying to do that might be copying something from Danny's site which is not good.

I will post the series from where it stopped on i.e. 136 was the last one.
I will also start the Wet Wednesday series here on my blog, plus any more i can think of.

Originally thought of buying a domain and hosting, but costs are prohibitive for bandwidth and webspace. So will go along with the free guys and upgrade after I run out of space here.

Hope you people enjoy coming to my site and will visit more often from now onwards!

Edit: Just in case Danny decides to let members post stuff on his site again, i will repost the stuff posted here there too.


  1. I think we will be posting everything on Figure.FM since Danny's going to separate it as "figure" and "non-figure". So it won't be THAT odd ^^

  2. @LS: Figure.Fm = for figures. That's what i was thinking about. It will look odd to post japan idols and echi stuff on it.
    IMO, would be the right place for such posts.

  3. But is for posting people's blog's feed. This is what Danny has mentioned in one of his posts.